This website wasn’t a project I came up with out of the blue, or magically created somewhere in my head. No. This was manufactured out of experience, struggles, loss, issues, vices, failures and lots of pain. In the 31 years I have been alive, I have come to terms that no matter what kind of person you are, you’ll always have a story to tell about the time life taught you a valuable lesson in an ugly way; and I have plenty stores to tell. Born and raised in Miami, Fl to Haitian parents, I’d like to think of myself as an inspiring author, filmmaker and visual storyteller. So I guess I have some type of creativity running through these veins of mine. With my dad who was a musician and had ears and eyes for music and numbers, and my my mom being the strongest, sweetest, most humble structured person I know, I’m somewhere in the middle of a structured mess. Ha! If my Dad were reading this he’d laugh and nod his head in agreement. From a very young age, pen and paper has always been my way of expressing how I felt and letting go of built in pain. But it wasn’t until my suicide attempt in 2014, that I realized how writing was such a vital thing in my life. It gave me a way out, it handed me the key to the jail I allowed my emotions to place me in. It provided me with freedom. Since then, I have been an advocate for releasing pain in creative ways. Whether it’s writing, singing, drawing, spoken word or even dancing; letting go doesn’t have to be ugly, it can look creative. I created this website to have an outlet for myself. On this platform expect transparency, nakedness, raw, bold and real feelings from myself and others. There’s no judgement here. So as you browse through these pages, and read the different stories, you just might find yourself reading about something you too may have been through or is currently going through. I encourage you to sit back and enjoy our world of letting go by telling our stories.


“i am who i am today because i picked up a pen and paper”

- Melissa Mills