Every wound needs air in order to heal properly
— Mellie King

The Blogger

In my 29 years of life, I have endured so much grief. I was raised in a normal two parent home where I usually got whatever I asked for. But as I grew older, I began to experience life more. The death of my grandmother, my father getting sick, my relationships failing, physical and verbal abuse, sex, alcohol, partying, abortions were things I swept under the rug and never dealt with. But little did I know that those things were piling up throughout the years and would one day pile right on top of me. 

But one day, someone reached out and said 3 words that would forever change my life, "Are you ok"? and as I opened my mouth to speak, I began to tell them everything that I was dealing with and things that happened in my past that I never dealt with. It was like giving a long summary of my life. And honestly, it felt good, because it was in that very moment my healing process began to take place.

The Servant


I was living life feeling like I had to deal with situations on my own and I had convince myself that since I was the one who got myself in trouble, I had to be that same person to get myself out of it. No one knew how much I hated my dad after he got sick, no one would of guess I was pregnant  and got an abortion twice or how I had (and is still dealing with) really bad anger issues. 

 So you see, not telling anyone about what I was dealing with, put all the pressure on me. I felt responsible and felt like I had to keep myself accountable for the situations I was in. Since I can remember, I have always hid my feelings; always. I didn't like to talk about things that were bothering me, I hated telling people my business and I was super secretive; and unfortunately those traits carried on into my adult life. And as I reflect back, I've realized that all it took was a conversation for me to see that the things I dealt with from when I was young, still haunted me and were still lingering because  they were never dealt with. 

The Lover

We all need someone we can talk to, and as crazy as it sounds, my vulnerability healed me and saved my life. 

So before you ask me, "Melissa, why are you so passionate about vulnerability?" ask me "Melissa, whats your story?" My passion for vulnerability comes form experience. A life experience that changed my entire being around. It was a long process and even still is a process, but I can honestly say that freedom met me where my nakedness took place. 

I wanted to give the same opportunity to other people who felt trapped in their secrets and struggles. Freeing your story helps others keep you accountable and gives you ownership of your life. No one can use your weakness against you if you've already admitted to it. As I watch people be open about their struggles, it gives me so much joy because I know what being naked feels like, I know what being honest feels like and I know what being free feels like.

I'm glad God chose me to do His work, and Im honored to be a vessel

The Storyteller

If you are anyone currently dealing with pain from the past, or present, lets get connected so that together we can tell your story the best way possible. Lets set you free by releasing your testimony to begin your healing process. Whether you're in the process of it being written, or its one from the past you can only let go of it when you're open, vulnerable, bare and naked. Those wounds can only heal if you take the bandage off. Your wounds need air to heal properly.