“I’ll be back,” he yells from the living room. Okay babe! I shouted from the bedroom

I remember it like it happened an hour ago


I was lying down on the bed while watching television texting a friend, telling her how happy I was now that him and I were living together. Don’t know when, but I dozed off being awakened by the noise of someone rambling through the drawers and closet. I wanted to say, “Why are you making so much noise?” but instead I slightly opened my eyes to see 4 men in black ski masks throwing clothes everywhere. I immediately closed my eyes shut to act as if I were still sleeping.


My heart began to race; so fast, I could hear my own heart beat, praying that they couldn’t. It was like my senses heightened, I could smell one of their colognes, I could hear their footsteps, I could even sense the fear in the room not knowing if it came from either me or them. What went on for about 6 minutes, felt like an hour. I wanted to scream, but "what if they killed me" I thought, what if they raped me, took turns to have their way with my body? It was four of them and only one of me. I was praying my boyfriend would just come through the door and kill all of them one by one. My body turned rock hard and I was stiff. I could feel the covers beneath me get really warm realizing that I just peed on myself. Fear took over my body and my anxiety began to kick in. “Keep Calm Melissa” I told myself. I started to pray; God please keep me safe. Allow me to leave this situation alive and well and I promise I'll leave him.

You see, I knew the relationship I was in was poisonous, but I could only tell it was bad for me when things would hit the fan, and this situation that I was in at the moment blew through the roof and I was done, ready to leave him alone no matter how in love and happy we were.

I thought about reaching under the mattress to grab one of the guns he hid under the bed, but I knew it wasn’t that simple, nothing like the movies. This was reality and had to come to the realization that I was lying on a bed in a room while 4 men robbed us (well, him).

I heard a gun cock back, “what about her” one of them said.

Right then and there is where I should of got up, yelled and begged for my life, but one thing that my thug boyfriend always told me is that “when you leap up out of fear, the gunman will react and it aint ever good” but I stayed still and prepared myself to get shot or die.

“Nah leave her kid, we out” one of them replied and the footsteps that once rang so close to my ear, got further and further away and I heard a car drive off. I stayed in the bed with my eyes closed for 5 more minutes before I got the courage to finally open them again. When I did, the room was turned upside down. There were clothes, papers and pictures everywhere! I sat up and just stared outside the window. The room door swung open and I gasped loudly in fear. In walked my boyfriend. He looked all around and said “Melissa what you got going on?” I ran to him, put my arms around him and began to weep so hard and he knew exactly why. I’m sorry Meme “he said”, kissed me on the forehead and walked over to the bed. He pulled out 3 guns from under the mattress, gave me one and pocket two under his clothes. “Remember what I taught you, aim for the head. I want you to stay here and if anyone you don’t know comes through, shoot em” he told me. I cried harder. He grabbed me by the hand, “Listen, we at war so you gotta be tough. I got you I promise.” “Ok” I replied.

He left and I knew exactly what he was going to do. But I stayed and played my part. I closed my eyes and prayed, “God, he needs me”

So I stayed. I didn’t leave him. Because he needed me.