The First Abortion


I love you babe, she whispered heavily, trying to catch her breath after having one of the wildest nights with him that they ever had.

He smiles. I know you do he responds. “But next time lets use a condom, we got to protect ourselves.”

“You’re right” she says.

Here she was, 14-year-old Maddison in a relationship with a boy that she was head over heels for and she had never been with someone like him. Her boyfriend, who was 5 years older than her was was the most popular guy on the streets and everyone knew about Jaquan and his growing marijuana business.

He and Maddison met at the mall one hot afternoon as she browsed around for a gift to give her parents who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. “Wow” He said as he looked her up and down with glistening eyes. “Hi, may I help you” she responded with a friendly smile. Anyone who knew Maddie knew she was always polite, outgoing and always had the biggest grin on her face. “I mean yea, you can actually.” Jaquan responded. He ran the tightest game on Maddison and since then she never left his side. He made her his girlfriend, took her virginity and introduced her to a whole new world that she was warned to stay away from. But she had convinced herself that Jaquan was different. Yea he sold drugs, dropped out of high school, been to jail a couple of times and had a reputation with beating on his previous women but Madison believed in Jaquans dream on one day becoming a famous football player and thought for sure that he would change for her.

(alarm clock goes off)

As Maddison wakes up to get herself ready for school, she begins to feel this uneasy feeling in her stomach.

“Wake up Maddie” her mother yells from the hallway, “You’re going to be late”.

As she tossed and turned in her bed, her mouth begins to water and now she can feel the uneasiness move from her stomach to her throat, so she immediately sits up and runs to the bathroom. After throwing up everything she ate the night before, she just knew that something was wrong.

“Bye Mom” Maddie said as she got out of the car

“Bye Honey, have great day at school” her mom replied.

Maddie wasn’t feeling good and she couldn’t figure out why. Could I have the stomach virus she thought? maybe its food poisoning - But nothing seemed to check out. So like any normal teenager, she googled her symptoms and her heart nearly stopped when the word “pregnancy” came across the screen.

Unable to wait, she decided to cut class and leave school early to walk to the store and buy a pregnancy test. Her heart pounded as she walked to the bathroom in the drug store, not being able to wait any longer to find out. As she waited for the results, she began to plan her life. “Jaquan has been talking about having a family one day, he’ll be happy if I am pregnant. I mean, I know I’m just in high school but we can get married and live in his condo. It’ll be perfect”

And just like that, the test read PREGNANT.

“whats up boo” Jaquan said with his deep voice

“Hi baby” Maddison replied back in a perky tone.

“I have something to tell you Quan”

“Alright cool, run ya mouth” he said

“You know how we’ve been taking about one day starting a family and possibly having a baby boy to name him after you?”

“yea” he replied slowly

“Well I’m pregnant! We’re having a baby!” she said in excitement

“a baby?! Maddison stop playing” Quan said

“Man that aint my baby yo” he answered back abruptly

“What do you mean? You’re the only person I been with” she said

“Man I gotta go” and Jaquan hangs up.

The next day in class as the last bell rang to go home, Maddison walked outside as she usually does to take the school bus. But as she got closer to the bus, she noticed a familiar car and out walked Jaquan from the drivers side with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Elated, she runs to him and gives him the biggest embrace ever. Jaquan kisses her on the forehead, hands her the flowers and motions her to get in the car. Every girl looked on with envy, wishing they were her and every highschool boy looked while wishing they were him.

“Where are we going?” Maddie asked in her usual perky voice with a smile on her face

“You ask too many questions, just enjoy the ride” he said

Maddison couldn’t of been happier, she had her man back, and her baby on the way. But that smile on her face quickly diminished when she realized that Jaquan was pulling into a clinic

“Why are we here?” She asked, hoping to get a different answer than the one she knew she’d get

Jaquan didn’t say a word up until he pulled into a parking spot, grabbed Maddie’s hand and said “Look, I love you but we can’t be having no baby, at least not right now. I promise, give me another year, and we can get married and have all the babies we want. But right now, I gotta get this money and focus on my business. And by you having this baby would be very selfish of you”

As tears rolled down her face, all Maddison could say was “ok”

As they entered the clinic, She couldn’t believe that she agreed to have an abortion. It was against everything that she grew up on being that she was raised in a Christian home.

After she was informed how far along she was in her pregnancy and took a sonogram to confirm that she was really pregnant, she was laid on a bed and was given a shot to put her to sleep. For support, the nurses allowed Jaquan to sit in the room with her until the procedure began.

“Thank you for being the best girlfriend ever and doing this for me” Jaquan said as he took her hand.

Maddison's mind began to wonder as the doctor read the precautions to her.

She became so overwhelmed with fear at that moment and had a change of heart.

“Quan I don’t want to do this anymore” she said as she started to cry”

“Its ok Maddie, you gonna be good”

“No seriously Jaquan I want to leave!”

But it was already too late, the medicine started to kick in and she was put to sleep.