Hello 7even, Goodbye 6ix





ITS A NEW YEAR! And in my honest opinion, its the most wonderful time of the year. Its 2017! We made it through another 365 days alive, healthy and strong.



Seven; the number of completion.

Now I can go on and on about how sucky my 2016 was, but I'd be lying if I were to do such thing. Last year, like any other year in my life; had its ups and downs, but it was nothing that I couldn't handle with some tears, prayer, confidence, advice and laughter. I promise, I laughed my way through each and every situation I found myself in. Of course there were some tears and a bit of pain, but as time passes by and I become older, I find myself standing firm as this stronger woman, ready to conquer and fight whatever comes my way. So what was once a big deal, is now a spec of sand in my beach. I learned and am still learning that someone else bigger than me is willing and waiting for me to hand over whatever stress, issue or trouble I face.




As I reflect back on 2016, I realize how much I've taken in about myself and about life in general. So I've conjured up the top 4 things that I learned in year 2016:






  • Prayer is important to start and end your day. 

As cheesy and cliche as it may sound, I found my days with prayer and my days without prayer to be complete opposite from one another. It made me confident, strengthened my faith and gave me hope. Having a simple conversation with God everyday and every night made me realize how much I really needed someone to talk to; and as a woman, thats important being that we love to talk a lot!












  • Social Media is just social media

Now lets be real, social media can really mess your head up if you don't protect your mind. All the material things being shown off, along with everyone getting engaged, getting married, having babies, rocking the most expensive brands, traveling to different countries.. I can go on and on about the social media usuals. And honestly, I found myself indulging my time and energy into other peoples lives and comparing it to mine. Admiring the new car my friend got wishing I had one, or staring at the multiple post of people getting proposed to in the most romantic ways, it had me wishing I had someone else's life besides my own.  One morning on my day off, I found myself scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and back to Instagram. I laid in bed for hours just scrolling and looking at other peoples lives as my life passed by. It was then when I realized that I needed a BREAK. Not because I was (sligtly) addicted, but because it was messing with me on the inside. Now, I have a healthy balance between real life and social media life. I also learned to be completely satisfied and content with the life I was given, and to be quite real with you guys, Social media is just a whole bunch of pictures of what people want you to see, soooooo.. Yea.









  • Whether I do good or bad, people will always have something to say. 

I get it, I mess up. But I also do good; and I have found that in doing both people talked about me regardless. I use to hate when I heard that someone else was talking crap about my life, or about something they heard; It irked every nerve that my body owned to know that someone who barely knew me had my name in their mouth. But no matter what I was doing, no matter how much I tried to satisfy everyone, someone out there wasn't happy. So I decided to take ownership of it all and said "ok I'm Done!! I need to be more concerned about my happiness instead of what someone else thinks about me." Since then, unless you're someone that I love and genuinely care about, no ones opinion, rumor or negative notation bothers me. Because your opinion about me is none of my business. NONE!








  • Less "Coming Soon(s)" and more "Here it Is"

The worst thing you can do is announce something prematurely and keep postponing it because you aren't ready. The more you say "Coming Soon" the more people stop listening. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. I convinced myself that announcing something that I knew I wasn't ready for, would somehow make me work harder in putting it out there. But no matter how hard you work, if it was never meant for you to do it, you will never succeed at it. So now before I put something out there, I first pray, work on it, and wait for God to send the perfect opportunity to  present my work or project. I stopped announcing, and did more presenting.













2016 had so many more lessons that it taught me, but those were definitely the top 4 that left an imprint on my heart. Yes its a new year, but I'm still the same Melissa going into a year with a different number at the end of it. So there' no "New Year, New Me" or "This is my year" or even "New Year Resolutions" its just me taking things to another level and not doing the same thing I was doing last year. Everything else is cliche!


In Conclusion to all of this, my only advice to you is; "Get This Work"