February Faves


Yikes! February is over, already!


Time flies by when you're having fun and enjoying yourself huh? February has to be one of my favorite months of the year for so many reasons. Not only do we get to celebrate "Black History"  but of course we get to celebrate love with my all time fave, "Valentines Day!" Yes I'm a lover of all things LOVE; I just Love, Love! (insert crying emoji here)

These past 28 days I have been enjoying so many things that have been so hard to live without and difficult to put down. So of course I had to share a couple of  them with you guys! From my current favorite makeup product, to my recent book choice, favorite fragrance; just to name a few. And I'm sure a lot of you are going to inquire about these products so I made sure to insert the link to where you can purchase them. Don't worry guys, Mellie's got your back lol. Lets begin!


A Book A Month


For those who know me well, pretty much knows how much I love to read and knows that the smell of a new book gives me goosebumps. So of course I had to share my recent read that I haven't been able to put down to even take a pee break and have already read twice in one month! LOVE IN MY LANGUAGE written by author Alexandra Elle also known as @alex_elle on instagram has to be one of my favorite books that I've read by far.

Its amazing to know that a women who was once broken and in complete defeat, can have so many encouraging words for other women and men that inspire them to see their worth. She's so relatable and so in-tune with herself that people like me swear by everything that she writes because I can tell that she just gets it. LOVE IN MY LANGUAGE is a book full of love, stories, reality, quotes, advice and wisdom that is used to uplift, influence and pushes you to be, feel, and do better; a book of vulnerable moments and raw emotions.  I highly recommend it to both men and women who are just looking to be uplifted and understood

You can purchase LOVE IN MY LANGUAGE, other books and products from Alexandra Elle at  alexelle.com

You're welcome in advance :)


That Smells Good



Oh Japanese Cherry Blossom, how I love thee! This Fragrance Spray from Bath and Body Works is my ultimate favorite of all time! I'm hooked, addicted and just can't seem to  part from it at all. I was first introduced to this amazing body spray about 2 years ago and haven't felt comfortable wearing anything else since. The fresh, sweet and flirtatious scent that it leaves on the skin is undeniably fulfilling in all its ways. And despite it being a body spray, the scent lasts almost all day. On top of that, the great compliment of "You smell so good" never seems to hurt either Lol

If you're looking to take it a step further, I highly recommend their  matching lotion that adds an extra layer of smell good to the skin. So for all my fellas who still have yet to treat their girl for Valentines Day, nothing says I'm sorry like some nice, affordable, and rich in scent body spray.

Find Body spray here

Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance

FYI, its currently on sale for $6.00


Make-Up to Wake-Up


Lets Start with the MAYBELLINE FIT ME CONCEALER in the color "30 Cafe." 

Now, just a year ago I wasn't really into makeup like that, didn't own a brush, beauty blender or a pair of lashes. But now a days I'm singing a completely different tune. Makeup is life! Ok, maybe not life, but definitely and enhancer. And of course I know I'm beautiful with or without makeup, but theres just something about a filled brow, lined lips, and a highlighted cheek that does something to a woman's confidence. Thank God for youtube and talented friends who are MUA's, If it weren't for them, id still be rocking just eyeshadow on my eye and considering that a be a face. Lol

But lets get to the product. This concealer here is so bomb! I use it to highlight all my highlighting areas on my face and I've sworn by it since I mistakenly brought it a couple of months back (My first grad mistake). It does the job without over highlighting or making me super ashy and gives me such a subtle and clean look being that I'm into natural looking makeup.

Its pretty affordable and super easy to blend. Just make sure you find the perfect color that  best fits the look you're going for. Find this product at the link below.





Can we talk about my favorite lippie real quick? The "TRUE MATTE" in color "Millbrook" has seriously changed my life and my lips life too. When I tell ya'll I pretty much wear this thing almost everyday, not even over exaggerating. It goes with almost all makeup looks and it only cost me $2.00 at the beauty supply store! Yup, you read correct; $2.00! So of course in true fashion form, I purchased 4 different colors because choosing one would be a crime. But my favorite is definitely the Millbrook color. Its like a really dirty purple, lavender, brown, gray shade.. weird right? I know lol. It dries up so clean, and if you're not a fan of matte, you can always  go over it with a lipgloss to give it some shine and gleam.


Find this lippie with other colors at the link below.



PlanHER Life


Now of course my planner looks a lot different from the one above, but thats only because it was custom made for my church's women conference. But inside is pretty much the same.

As a writer, I've grown such a passionate love for planners, journals and anything you can freely write in. But not only does my Horacio Planner organize my chaotic life, but it also challenges me in my personal life. From writing down goals, distractions, prayers, long term commitments and everything else in between, this planner really gets you to be completely open and honest on a sheet of paper. Theres no room to be disorganized with a planner like this. What makes it more amazing are the thick paper sheets that gives you an option to water paint on them. Fun! Get your girls together, order some food and have yourself a planning party where you and your ladies can get creative with your future plans. Not to mention, they also give you options for a different color or design :)

Get your Horacio Planner down at the link below.



Hope you all enjoyed and liked my february favorites! Looking forward to doing more of these post! Let me know down below, what were some of your February Favorites?