No More Story Tuesday?



Ok guys, so a lot of you have been asking me so many questions on the status of Story Tuesday. I've gotten questions like "What happened to Story Tuesday?" "Have you quit blogging?" "When is the next story going to be on the website?" I even had someone stop me in church and give me the longest speech about how much I inspired them because they thought I was quitting! Lol. The last time someone shared their story on the site was in November, so I know you guys are impatient and have been wondering whats been going on. Well lets just say, things are about to get more interesting for Story Tuesday. Last year around November, I started to work on my 2017 goals for my blog and website. As I sat back evaluating how 2016 was, I began thinking of different ways to take "Story Tuesday" to the next level. So I sat down and just jotted a couple of ideas and visions that could possibly elevate the movement and really get it going. But it was something in particular that I wrote down that stood out to me the most  "Story Tuesday Meets Rendezvous"

For those who may or may not know, I attend Trinity Church Miami in Miami Gardens and have served there for almost 7 years now. Every Tuesday, we have our young adult gathering/party/hangout that we call Rendezvous (that I encourage anyone living in the Miami area to attend.) And as I planned out my next move, I just felt so compelled to bring Story Tuesday to Rendezvous. So I decided to put the stories on hold and work on my next move.

Now anyone who knows me knows how bold I am, knows how outspoken I can be and that I'm rarely afraid to walk up to anyone to ask a question. But when it came down to have a conversation about my plan, I remember trying to form the courage to approach our pastors/leaders of The Rendezvous to pitch them the idea. I sat there in awe of myself of how scary I was being, because this wasn't like me at all. But after staling for weeks and not getting anything done, I just decided to place my fear of rejection to the side and just do what my heart was telling me to do. I guess my biggest fear was being told "Sorry, but no we can't do that" and I guess I let that thought run a rampage in my head and it crippled me from taking that step of faith. But then I thought to myself, I would rather ask and be told no, then not ask and never know what what could of been if I did ask. Thankfully, everyone loved the idea and they "INSTANTLY" put me to work.

  • Videoshoot
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Location
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why...

  Everything was placed in my possession to figure out, plan and execute. And man, I have to be honest.. I freaked out! Now that I think about it, I kind of freaked out for no reason.. all those things were decisions I was already making for the previous stories anyways. So I got to work. It wasn't easy, and it took some prayer, advice and surrendering to pull something together at the last minute. On February 7th, we launched :Story Tuesday Meets Rendezvous" and I couldn't of been more happy and ecstatic about it. I had the best people by my side to assist in bringing life to just some words I wrote down a couple of months before. How crazy is that. The power of words, whether said with your mouth, or written down on a paper is something not to be messed with.

The scariest moment for me was having to get on stage and doing a mini Q&A interview about the whole run down of what Story Tuesday was, why it was important and how people could get involved. Now y'all know... I am queen of stage freight, I hate talking in front of a group of people or being the center of any attention (unless its my man's attention of course Lol) But to my surprise I got up there, with sweaty palms and shaky hands and did better than I expected to do. And at the end, I had about 15 people sign up to tell their stories! Which means I have stories up until next year! So no, I haven't quit blogging, Story Tuesdays start back up next month in March and no, sorry to disappoint you but Im not going anywhere either. Matter of fact, I'm just getting started! hahaha!

I'm glad that I was chosen to work in this way as a vessel, and that I have the best people in my corner rooting me on. So I want to give a special shout out to the following people that acknowledged my fear of speaking, encouraged me and pulled me to the side to pray over me before getting on stage.


  • Rychamart Dominique
  • Kat Mathias
  • Claude Cemelfort
  • Doreen Semelfort
  • Ny Tout-puissant
  • Yari Abreu
  • Milly Jean Pierre
  • Kia Mathis (who also featured in the video! Thank you Kia!)
  • Hannah Boyd
  • Bianca Baptiste

  who guys have no idea how much your prayers and advice really helped me that night. I also want to shout out and say a very special thank you to Deon for shooting and editing one of the most dopest videos I have seen for the launch day. You can also find him on Instagram @suprime305






Im so excited about this journey and this opportunity and I'm extremely happy that you all get to share it with me. Thank you @RendezvousMiami  !