Ready, Set, PLAN!

Can you guys believe it? 

We're already in December and we have  28 more days until the new year begins. It feels like just yesterday I brought in 2017, I celebrated Valentines Day and turned 30 in September. You guys, we're really at the end of the year, HOW? Its as clear as day that time waits on no one, it has no mercy and will continue to move on with or without you whether you're ready or not. But boy,  2017 was definitely a year to remember. God gave me everything I prayed for. I had lots of happiness, love, joy, peace,  comfort and a whole bunch of discernment. With all of that, I also faced some disappointments, some let downs and failures. Though my year isn't ending the same way it started, I can honestly say that, the lessons I learned this year, I'm taking them into 2018. 


But this post isn't written to reflect on my goals and resolutions for the next year (I'm saving all of that for my special end of the year post). This was written to ask you one question...


What are you doing this month, that will prepare you for the new year?

 If you're anything like me, your planning for the new year started since September lol. But if you haven't gotten a head start, you still have time to prepare for whats next. I know this sounds a bit cliche, but what you do today will dictate what your future life will look like. Goals, a new mindset, that career move, a healthier life, mending a friendship, restoring or letting go of a relationship, that business move.. that starts today, that starts now. Why wait for a date to start working on what you know belongs to you, what you know is your purpose?

I know putting yourself out there is a scary thing and not being sure if you'll fail or soar is difficult (Trust me I know the feeling) but do not allow fear, doubt or worry to stop you from pursuing your dreams and walking down the path that God created you for. That idea thats been on your mind for a while, that business that you wanted to start, that weight goal you're trying to achieve, it can happen with a plan in set. Do yourself a favor and go out to buy a "Creativity Journal" I take mine everywhere, that way as soon as an idea comes to mind, I can write it down and look at it later. You're one step away from changing your whole entire life by writing down an idea that can reck your world in a good way. What are you waiting for? Whats stopping you? Don't just sit there, take this time and this month to be a preparation stool to launch you off in 2018. You were created for more and it won't happen until you plan to execute. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing something once on paper become  a reality. So lets do this!

Ready, Set, PLAN!

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