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2 more Days Till The New Year!


Can you guys believe it, we have 2 more days until its a brand new year! It feels like we were just celebrating in bringing in 2017 yesterday. As my last post of the year, I wanted to take this time to reflect in what 2017 has taught me, the things I'm leaving behind, and the new light I'm taking with me in the up and coming year. So lets begin...

PHEW! What a year! And when I say that, I say it with an extremely thankful heart. Of course I can admit that I had some really low moments, but if I can be completely  honest, those good times definitely outweighed the bad. For a very long time I was in such a happy stage in my life where I had everything in order and it was all going great! I had my own place, a job, a man I was madly in love with, serving at church, blogging, working on my journals, staying pure, healthy friendships, I was happy. I was on this high cloud of happiness for such a long period of time that I forgot that bad times actually existed. Now that I look back on that time of my life, I believe that God wanted me to experience that kind of happiness for a reason. I'm a different person when I'm happy. I smile more (the obvious), I give more compliments, I'm more helpful, more productive, willing to go out my way for others, and as cliche as it sounds.. I Glow! My skin stays popping when I have absolutely no worries lol. It was way much more easier to wake up everyday and be thankful to God for all the blessing He had bestowed on my life. 

Now let me get this disclaimer out the way before people start to assume I'm on my bed of depression, my life isn't in a bad place at this moment, I'm still in a good place, but I don't have any of those blessings I mentioned earlier. They're gone, all of them. One by one each thing began to fade away, and the next thing you knew I was left with no choice but to only lean on God for my truest form of happiness. Yes, I was sad, yes I cried and I got really upset with the man upstairs, but in those moments He kept reminding me about the good times I had experienced earlier in the year. "I don't get it God, why do you keep showing me these happy moments in the mist of my sadness?" I questioned. I just wanted to be sad in peace. It wasn't until recently I had the epiphany that God keeps allowing me to reminisce because he wanted me to remember that the same joy I had was soon to come back again; Not the blessings, just the happiness. "You'll experience even better joy without those things and people you thought made you so happy" God told me. 

Ooooooohhhhhhh... ok, I get it now. He kept those times in my head to show me that it wasn't the blessings that caused me to be so happy, but the joy of Him that mattered the most. Once you find joy in the Lord, no matter what you face, you'll always be able to KEEP it. But when your happiness comes form material things, people and money, you'll quickly be reminded that all those things will fade.. then what? I'm here to tell you, to remind you and encourage you that The Joy of the Lord will always be your strength; ALWAYS! Yes, you will go through trials and tribulations and obstacles will occur, but remember that God will never leave you in a slump. We're human beings, we have emotions, we feel, we get upset, we get sad, angry, depressed and may even want some kind of revenge, and all of that is ok to feel. But don't allow your emotions to take full control of the promises that God spoke into your life, don't allow the bad times to make you forget all the times that He brought you through on the other side when you thought you weren't gonna make it. So, yea, this year I had some bad moments, lost some friends, cried a little, almost killed somebody's son, and was told you're fired.... but not one of those things will keep me from forgetting the love, happiness, joy, laughs, blessings, good times, and memories I experienced with the people that mattered the most in that moment. 

So goodbye 2017, you have taught me such a valuable lesson that I will be taking with me into the new year of 2018 and the years after that. Life will get tough, but I'm so much tougher. Thank you for showing me what true happiness feels like, what its like to be genuinely in love and whats its like to have all my ducks in order. And even though I'm no longer in love, and my ducks are scattered all over the country, my happiness still remains (even in my sad moments). With God on my side and fully embracing my feelings without trying to reject them, I was able to push through and I conquered like the true G that I am (per usual). My advice to anyone reading this for the up and coming year is to know your worth. At your job, in your relationships with people, when you present yourself in front of a company, and in everything that you do, know your worth. And when I say that, I say that for both women and men. KNOW WHAT YOU'RE WORTH AND WALK IN IT OR SOMEONE OUT THERE WILL TAKE YOU FOR GRANTED AND USE IT TO THEIR ADVANTAGE. When you know what you're worth, you will never forget that the things of this world will fade, but your character and your worth won't. The best thing you can do for you is to be REAL with yourself in this upcoming year. Set goals, surround yourself with people who you can laugh with that won't play games with you, go after those impossible dreams and just LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. We're entering a new year, leave old habits behind, the toxic people and procrastination in 2017, you're better than that. So believe me when I say this "The Best Is Yet To Come"

Ready? Set, Execute!

Blessings to you all 

Down below, is a video I put together of my life, my happiness, my sadness and joys. Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to watch it in HD :)

XO - Mel 

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