I'm Back and I'm Better!

Hey Ya'll! I swear it's been forever and a decade since I've posted! (ok maybe not that long but you all know I'm dramatic so thats how long its felt to me lol) But I've missed you guys soooooo much! (Insert crying emoji)

This post won't be long. But no worries, a new blog post with content is on its way soon. 

I've Missed Blogging!


Just a little life update for you all.. 

  • I'm A Youtuber Now!

Yup, you read right. I am officially on youtube talking lifestyle, fashion, faith and fun (not to mention vlogging and doing challenges). This has been something that has been on my heart for the longest to do but I always felt that I was under qualified being that I never had the right equipment to pursue it. I gave myself so many excuses as of to why I shouldn't start a youtube channel. "It's dumb" I told myself over and over again. "who's going to watch you?" .. But then a small silent voice said "Just go for it, I got you." 


So I decided to do just that and GO FOR IT, and man was I scared lol But I finally did it, recorded my welcome video, edited it, and posted it on my channel! (hooray!!!) I mean took me long enough. All my friends kept pushing me to start one and I thought they were all crazy. But I posted my video 3 days ago, and my goal was to hit 15 likes with at least 10 subscribers since it was my first. As of right now, I have 134 views, 22 likes and 35 subscribers. May not seem like a lot, but it has definitely exceeded my goal! Dang! So I'm celebrating my mini accomplishment (Dabs)

  • I started working on my book again!

My book is definitely in the works and is coming to a Barnes and Noble near you and every book store in the country. Cant wait to go on my book signing tours and being able to discuss the book with you all in different states and cities, being featured in magazines, being invited to award shows, celebrities reading my books and promoting it, forming relationships with my readers...... Don't mind me you guys, I'm just speaking these things into existence :)

  • I got my own place!

I have my own spot where I can call home. Nothing fancy and luxurious or even big. Just a tiny studio where I'm comfortable and can be completely free to do as I please, how I please, when I please. FREEDOM! lol 

Well thats about it for now. I mean there is more but I'll leave the rest for future posts and videos. Until next time beautiful people! (Kissy Face)


Mellie King


See You Next Blog Post!

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