Social Media Frenzy!

Posting About it Does Not Make it Real


I got asked a question that I'm sure some of you that are private people get asked a lot. "Why don't you post about your love life online?" and my answer was "I didn't know I had to"


I promote vulnerability. Yes, talk and share about the trials that you have overcame or are currently going through, but I do not promote putting your "personal" life on social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snap Chat are all platforms that many people are using to keep in touch with family and friends, post pictures of their accomplishments, show off their beautiful brand new baby, or even to uplift with a few quotes. But it seems like lately, those social networks are no longer about just keeping in touch but more about who did it the best. From the Instagram models, to who got the most likes, comments, retweets, to throwing shade at your baby mama/baby daddy and grown people competing to be everyones relationship goals.. its becoming a social media frenzy. 

Now I can admit, during my younger days I blasted "ALL" my dirty laundry online. (It was bad) and the fact that Facebook now notifies you of your old posts, I can realize how dumb and immature I was. If I was beefing (had an issue) with someone I posted about it & tagged the person (Why was I so reckless Jesus?), If I was having relationship issues, I definitely updated my status to "Single again, and Back on the Prowl," and whenever I went out, I made sure people knew before I even got there. 

Don't get me wrong, social media is an outlet for most people and its where they feel like their voice can be heard, but once you put something out there, you are now giving your followers and anyone who see's your post permission to have an opinion. I never understood when someone would put up a questionable picture, status or quote and then get offended when someone would inquire about what they meant or have something to say about it. 


Social Media is just that, SOCIAL MEDIA. It does not validate who I am, what I do or what I have going on with my life. And now that I'm older I have come to a realization that putting pictures up of me and my man is giving people a gateway to have an opinion about my relationship. And because its something I am extremely protective an sensitive about, I choose not to share that side of my life yet. I'm still working on on not trying to pop off on people with malicious intentions. But does me not posting pictures of my man and I mean I'm not in a relationship? Does it validate what we have? Do I even have a man? Are we even in a relationship? Those are questions I can only answer because its my life and its not for everyone to know. 

I'm not a secretive person at all, and like I said earlier I am all for being completely naked. But I do believe that everyone should have a piece of their life that is only for them. When you're genuinely happy you don't have to constantly post about it online, when you truly don't care you won't address the person you're beefing with subliminally, and when you're mature social media won't be an outlet for you. 

Don't let pictures of beautiful couples make you feel like you need to be in a relationship. Some of these people aren't even really happy. Some of those Instagram models who are nicely dressed and has their bodies done do it for the money. You don't know what the people you want to be like online are going through. So be your own goals, do your own thing, and live your own life. Because social media will one day fade.. what will you do then?

Social Media Validates Nothing. -Mellie King