She Heals 31 Day Journal Challenge

Healing Is Not For The Weak.


I love making online connections with people who are interested in the same things you're in. Off of a tweet on twitter, my blogger sister and I came together in unity on a specific interest we both share; Healing. 


Together we decided to create a "31 day Self Healing Journal Challenge" that was put together to promote and bring about healing and transparency. If you're anything like us, healing never came easy and holding on to things or people has been or once was second nature. But we discovered that through our writing, through our vulnerability, and through our hurt we were able to heal properly because we allowed our wounds to come up for air. 

Be Prepared To Heal


Join us as we go through the next 31 days to dig deeper, be truthful and discover our true inner emotions. Below is the first 15 days of our journal prompts, so be sure to follow us on our social platforms to keep up with our very personal journey as we'll be sharing them with you. Click on our logo's down below for our Instagram. 

Every Wound Needs Air In Order To Heal Properly