A Letter To Someone Else


A Not So Happy Thirty??

I am 7 days away from turning 30 years old. Yup, the big THREE-OH!

And as scary as 30 sounds, I'm actually excited for this new milestone in my life to happen. Lets take it back a couple months ago where I fell into this big depression because of how disappointed I felt with myself on turning 30 years old. I looked at my life and none of my "Before 30 Goals" were crossed out. Owning my business, Having $30,000 in the bank, being married, traveling, book signings were just some of the few things that I had written down a couple of years ago on my 25th birthday. About 3-4 months ago, I stumbled across my journal where I had written my "Before 30 goals" and It made me extremely sad; and it was then where the fear of my thirties overwhelmed me. "What The Heck Did You Accomplish In those 5 Years Melissa?" was the question I kept asking myself. And I honestly did not have an answer. I felt so hopeless, discouraged and defeated. 

I was about to turn 30 with no job, no career, no car, financially unstable and struggling to keep my head above waters from the bills that were (and still is) piling on top of my head. So yeah, I freaked out BIG TIME! I remember crying and asking God was life worth living. My faith was beginning to dwindle down and my hope was deteriorating slowly but surely.


The Turn Around

One very early morning (around 4:50AM), it was like something woke me out of my sleep and told me to begin to pray. But I didn't know what I was suppose to be praying for, so I just sat up, turned on some worship music and began to just thank God. Not even 15 secs into my prayer, tears began rolling down my eyes and my prayer got deeper and louder; my cry got desperate. I went from thanking to asking, pretty much begging for God to make a miracle in my life, to turn things around. And can I be honest, besides getting a part time job, nothing has really changed in my situation. But something did change in me and that was my faith. I began to trust God to do something real in my life and my hope began to grow again. Though things may have not changed (yet) I now have peace that surpasses all my problems. My life may be chaotic, my finances may suck, but because I know I serve a God that is my provider, my soul is finally at ease and can finally be still. Now, my excitement about turning thirty is beyond the roof! I just know and feel like my thirties are going to be the beginning of something new. New miracles, new ideas, that book I've been writing, my business, my kids and husband, that BRAND NEW CAR will all come into fruition. 


Your Birthday Gift To Me :)

3 years ago, I decided that I wanted my birthday to be about  helping someone else in some kind of way. In 2014 my friends and I fed the homeless downtown, 2015 we threw a party for the boys and girls from the Ronald McDonald House and last year I passed out encouraging letters that was given to strangers and written by friends, family and instagram followers. Because of the great turn out and the plenty of letters received last year, I have decided to do "Letters To Someone Else" part II and would love for you all to participate as well. 

All you have to do is write an encouraging letter of hope, positivity and joy, something you may want to hear if you were going through a trial. Or it can be a letter where you're encouraging someone to stay strong, or telling hem how worthy and valuable they are. Make your letter personal and relatable. I believe that words have the power to shift any situation around. Can you imagine receiving a letter from a total stranger telling you something you needed to hear? How amazing would that be?

I am super excited for PROJECT9487 this year and I'm looking forward to receiving your letters. If you're interested in participating, or need more info, please feel free to email me at melissasuemills@yahoo.com

I turn 30 on Sept 4th and I honestly can't wait!


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