The She Heals Affect

Being Vulnerable Has Affected Me.


Though being part of creating this challenge with my blog sister Tameka, I still had some real moments while journaling for the past 15 days. Crying while writing, being so angry that I almost burned a whole though the paper, releasing thoughts that no one knows about; its been a real emotional journey for me. I'm still shock with how much this challenge has affected me in such a positive aspect. But little did I know how much I was harboring in until these questions presented themselves. 


All 15 questions have required me to really go deep and bring to the surface what I thought didn't matter much. By far, day 10 was the hardest for me when asked "What have you not been able to forgive yourself for and why?" And I kid you not, the minute my pen touched the paper, my eyes got watery because I had been angry with myself for so long about different events that has happened in my life. I dug deep, went back to the time I was about 9 years old. All the hurt that I caused myself and tried to bury, quickly came to the surface. I remember crying while writing and ended up having to stop to allow me to be emotional. But I needed that, I needed to release those things, I needed to bring them to the surface to really put them to rest. Too many times we fake bury our issues or just bury them alive without resolving them. What you don't kill, will come back to haunt you. 

Its been such an eye opener for me. Writing is really therapeutic and can be such an aide in your healing. I'm so glad that I had these first 15 days of August to really purge out all my emotions, negative thoughts and finally dig deep to free my mind. my body and soul from buried issues. Now that we are half way through our journey, we have opened wounds, dug deep and got raw; Its time to heal. The next 15 days are all about joy, happiness, strength and closing up those wounds. If you haven't already, come along for the journey in journaling to our healing, you still have time to catch up. You can find days 1-15 here So many women have already joined in and are loving it!


 Below you can find day 15-31 of the #SheHeals journal prompts. Happy Journaling Ladies!

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