Choose To Be Beautiful

the beauty struggle

embrace your beauty even when temporary flaws arise
— Mel

Ladies, ever had one of those days where you'd wake up, look in the mirror and you were just disappointed in how you look and immediately you deemed the the day to be an "Ugly day"? Well, I have those days more than the average woman does. Just the other day as my cycle came around, my face broke out and I felt like I looked like a chocalate crunch bar. I felt so horrible and disgusted with what I saw in the mirror and began to sulk. But in the middle of my sulking I stopped to ask myself "Are you going to let some temporary pimples make you believe that you're not beautiful in this very moment? (Disclaimer: I know I'm a bomb and beautiful woman, so don't think for a second that I'm out here doubting my looks) But I think any women can admit that there are days when we feel... whats the word?.. BLAH. Blah in our looks, in our feelings, in our personality and etc. I'll never forget the day I woke up with a swollen eye and lips from God knows what. I was terrified, more like mortified! I kept looking in the mirror trying to figure out how I could fix my face, but I couldn't. I just had to wait for the swelling to go down. I phoned my mom (who's a nurse) and she gave me the option to place a hot towel on the swollen areas to go down faster. I did it and in an hours time, I was back to normal again, like I had never looked like shreck an hour before. Wait, so I freaked out for nothing? Why was I so pressed about it if all it took was a simple action to make things better.. So then I got to thinking. 


Know You're Beautiful and Stick With It

To me, I believe that
even in my darkest moments,
I am still loved, worthy,
deserving, and valuable.
— Takeia

If we know for certain that we are beautiful woman, then why do we think a temporary flaw (bad hair day, pimple, a swollen lip, bloated tummy makes us look any different in that moment? The same way we choose love, why can't we choose beauty in that exact way too. When you fall for someone, you make a decision to choose and love that person no matter how you feel. So why can't we do that for our beauty too? Well, we can and we can start now! On our ugly days, lets walk up to that mirror with boldness and confidence and tell ourselves "You Are Beautiful!" Messy hair? Beautiful. Break out? Beautiful. Swollen face? Beautiful. No makeup? Beautiful. Bloated? Still Beautiful! You are amazingly beautiful despite of a temporary flaw or what your outside may look like. Know You're Beautiful and Stick With It! Its time for us as women to stop allowing what we look like on the outside determine how we feel on the inside. 

On my lowest days, I know God is asking me to reflect and learn from my experiences as well as learn and love myself. One bad moment isn’t the end of the world, it is the start to something greater, to feeling something better, to being and embracing that life’s uncontrollable and we must always just BE. No forcing, no trying, just BE
— tameka
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