My Yes Season

The No Girl


No. Its a word that I love because its so easy for me to use and say when I desperately don't want to do something. I've become so good at saying the word no to whoever has asked me to do anything that takes me out of my comfort zone. Melissa, can you go on stage and do announcements? NO. Melissa, we need you to record a video for us. NO. Can you perform for us? NO. Can you help us write this essay for our website? NO. NO, NO, NO, NO.. NO! I was becoming the "No" girl and had no shame or guilt about it at all. But while I was saying no to different opportunities, here I was praying and asking God to use me as His vessel in His kingdom or in anything that can help me grow. 

God laughed so hard, I promise I could hear Him and the angels having a good time watching me say no to all these things while asking to be used. God had one question for me that I had no answer, "Mel. how are you asking me to use you and grow you, but keep saying no when I put you in situations to actually be used?" Immmm .. I don't know God, I guess I had a different picture of what being used looked like. 

Why do we do that? We ask God to do something for us but then invent this picture of how God is going to give it to us? If you're asking God to use you, trust me it won't come packaged the way you envisioned it. We ask God to do something but then try to control how it comes. And thats what I did for a very long time. I picked and choose how I wanted to be used, what area I wanted to be used in and what I allowed to happen while being used. I wanted complete control and still wanted to grow, but wasn't growing. I had to learn that if I was looking to be stretched by God, not only did I have to get uncomfortable, but I also had to start saying yes. 

Saying Yes

So there I was with no answer for God, looking real crazy asking to be used but always saying no to different things. I knew I needed a change and wanted it to happen fast, so I decided to enter my "Yes Season." Now I'm sure you're all wondering, what in the world is a "Yes Season?" It's a season that I'm currently in where I will consistently say YES to whatever needs to be done regarding God's kingdom. If it makes me uncomfortable, Yes. If it scares me, Yes. If I don't want to do it, Yes, If I have no clue how I'm going to pull it off, Yes. If it seems impossible, Yes. If I'm tired, Yes. If I know I can learn form it Yes. If it challenges me, Yes.... no matter what, my answer will be Yes. Sound pretty insane right? Yea I know. And I must admit, it is a bit tiring but I'm wiling to risk a bit of sleep for the one who risked it all for me.  

If your going through a drought season, wondering why you're not growing and still in the same place that you've been in for years, ask yourself this question "Am I putting myself in situations to be used so that I can grow?" Whether its at your job, at school, in a relationship, at church or in your business, make sure you're opening your mind for the preparation of growth. Growth can only come when you fully submit yourself to what you're asking for. Don't block your blessings because you're not willing to be obedient. How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to sacrifice? 

So Please Excuse My Confidence, Iā€™m Just Out Here Being Used And Growing
— Me

Since I've entered my "Yes Season" I can honestly say that a lot of my fears have been put to rest. Things that I have been dreading to do because I thought I'd fail, I have conquered and accomplished; its an undaunted feeling of power. My choice to now say "YES" to God's calling and will for my life is like a wave of overwhelming confidence. Don't allow you being comfortable be the reason why you stay in one place. Nothing good comes from standing in one place. What are you putting off? What are you scared to face? What is it that you keep saying no to that God keeps giving you the opportunity to say yes to? Conquer those things and watch and see how you'll go from glory to glory in no time. 

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