One House, Two G(g)ods?!

Jesus Rooming With Buddha?



The other day, my best friend and I decided to go on Instagram live as the topic of relationships and sex got brought up. With my bestie being a married women with 3 beautiful and amazing little girls, she really had a lot of good advice to give on how to make a relationship last. But then, a specific question got asked where though I may not have a husband yet or be in a "committed" relationship, I was strongly compelled and determined to prove my point of view on how I felt.

Can two people who have different beliefs or serve different gods make a relationship/marriage work?

Well as much as I want to be understanding to this question and see it from different points of views, my answer is and will always be a big fat "HELL NO!" and let me tell you why. Two individuals with two different beliefs,  that pray to different Gods and attend different churches are like water and oil; no matter how many times or how much you try to mix the two, they will NEVER be one. Oh come on Melissa, I know lots of people who have different beliefs and are married and happy. And I'm sure you're absolutely right, but how important is your belief if you're willing to compromise it? My relationship with Christ is something that I just refuse to fiddle with to make a relationship work

Why It Wont Work

As much as you may want to believe that it can work, at the end of the day, if your relationship with God is really important to you, your spouses salvation is as well. And if you and your partner are on two different pages spiritually, there will always be conflict in the relationship or household (especially when children become involved). So lets paint the picture. You're a christian, and you date or are married to someone who is buddhist, first and foremost, you both serve two different higher power. You pray to God and he/she prays to buddha. You attend different churches. What will your wedding consist of? Who's beliefs will you be teaching your children? Who will your family pray to when times get hard? All these questions will arise at one point in time and it can and will cause conflict in the relationship or marriage. Your partner and you are suppose to be one, not two. Which means though you may be your own individual, your souls must be on one accord at all times especially spiritually. Why would you want to date someone who doesn't share the same passion as you when it comes to God? Unless its just not that important to you. Your salvation is apart of your identity, its apart of who you are. This isn't something as simple as he/she not liking your favorite football team, this is about your spouse not wanting to share your hearts passion; and thats a big deal for me. When you date someone who doesn't believe in Jesus or someone who doesn't have a relationship with Christ, it becomes difficult to put God at the center of something that you both don't agree on? How can Christ be the center if half of what you're asking Him to be apart of, doesn't believe in Him or doesn't look to him to actually be the center. God cant get the glory in a relationship if someone is excluding Him.

When you are passionate about your beliefs, you start to want the people around you to know about this amazing passion of yours. You want them to know about the fire burning on the inside of you so that they can experience it as well. So can you just imagine a passionate Christ follower and a passionate buddhist living under one roof? *cues in explosion*  That right there has chaos written all over it. And to bring children into the equation just doesn't sit well with me. Of course marriage will have its ups and downs and I know that we'll have our sets of problems, but our faith shouldn't be one of them. Matter of fact, our faith should be what gets us through those times, and if we cant be one one accord then what will be the foundation of our love? What is strong enough to hold us together when things begin to fall apart? Money? Sex? No! Not even our own love will be able to save us, but only the strength of our Savior Jesus Christ can!

Don't be naive. A church goer, a sermon listener or a positive influencer can be so far from someone who actually has a "real" relationship with God. Don't settle in something or with someone because you were impatient, and don't you ever compromise your faith or beliefs just to be in a relationship; because at the end of the day, God comes first before anyone. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can change a persons heart either, cause only God can do that. You can maybe be an influence to someones change or be a positive example, but there is a lot of wolves out there in sheep clothing. You may see their actions changing, but God see's their heart so let Him deal with them. The last thing you need is someone starting to change for you and not for Jesus.

You may not agree with me and think everything I wrote is complete BS, you may think its ok to date or be married to a supporter of your belief instead of a participant, you may even be in a relationship right now with someone who doesn't have the same beliefs as you, but remember one thing if you don't take anything else away from this post; Once you start to compromise your faith, you place God second to who or what you're settling with.