Premature Announcements

When I first started my journey of blogging, I definitely became victim of announcing things too early without really having a plan. I got an idea, got really excited, tweeted about it, and made a graphic to announce it on instagram. Here’s the crazier part, I had not even an ounce of ideas of how I wanted to execute what I had already put out there. Did no research, had zero to no plans, didn’t ask for advice and definitely didn’t have a team; I was just making all these promises that left followers and readers excitingly anxious, but to later on be left disappointed time after time. Leaving them disappointed was something that really made me feel bad, but the fact that I was also disappointing myself, made me sick to my stomach. And we all know what happens when someone gets disappointed over and over again right? You guessed it, trust issues. Not only did I leave my audience and readers skeptical, but I began to develop doubts within myself. I thought, “If they doubted me, then that’s enough reason for me to doubt myself too”. How can anyone have something to look forward to, if what I announce, I rarely or never deliver, because of my lack of planning and premature announcements? It was to the point where I was now canceling out creative ideas, because I was now incapable of keeping my word.

Pre-mature announcements show the lack of proper and mature planning
— A Premature Planner

I’m sure a lot of bloggers, content creators, writers, artist can relate to me when I say, “Your excitement can really get you in trouble with your audience, if you allow it to announce things prematurely.” A pastor by the name of Scott Hagan once said “Don’t be too quick to describe your vision, you need to first personally get the full experience, before you start sharing it.” If you’re anything like me, you’re most likely reading this and asking yourself, “Ok, I’ve already lost the trust of my audience, so how do I get them back? Well, we all know that with building trust, it takes a whole lot of consistency and a whole lot of actions. The best apology is a changed behavior, so you have to do something you have never done before. Be prepared for a shift in your work ethic and routine. It’s going to take discipline, honesty, consistency, and scheduling to catch their eyes again. Start small.


    • one that you know you can keep up with. Whether its putting out content once a month, or once a week, make sure it is something that fits in your daily life. Don’t put more on yourself that you know you can’t bear. We seem to think that we can full our plates up and get the work done, but sometimes it’s best to eat in portions. Once you have their attention, they’ll notice your consistency.


    • My pastor has this saying,

To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late, is to be left behind.”

Schedule, schedule, schedule, until you’re ahead of the game. Though it is something I am still working on, I have noticed that scheduling early, has shifted my work ethic. I’m no longer staying up late to meet deadlines, I’m not panicking trying to figure it out, and now I have free time to do other things with my social life. When you schedule ahead, you have the privilege to be confident in putting out information that you know, you can deliver.


    • I know, I know.. “to do list” are for old people… well, not really. Whenever I have an idea, I create a to do list, with all the task I have to complete in order to get my project up and running. Then, I set deadlines to keep me accountable. Simple right? Wrong! If you are anything like me, creating a list and actually sticking to it is so difficult! I sometimes find myself pushing it off for the next day, then pushing it off again that day, and so on; now I’m past my deadline and nothing is done. So how do you get past that deadly spirit of procrastination? Just ask yourself, “How bad do you want this?” I promise, that right there has been the question to get me out of bed, to get me out of my funk and be able to push myself to the end. Sounds so cliche, but it works.

Just following these three simple steps have allowed me to not only be confident in myself, but to also get my readers to start trusting me just a little bit more. So yes, I’ve been saying for 3 years I’m coming out with a Journal line, and yes, I’ve made announcements with dates and did not deliver, but that was only because I failed to plan. By following the three simple steps above, I was able to plan with a purpose. No more procrastinating, no more premature announcements and no more doubting myself. I am now ahead, because I now prepare.

Have you ever made premature announcements? How were you able to get back on track? Let me know in the comments below. Lets chat :)