No Injury, No Healing

You guys, the day is finally here, the day I relaunch my website!

To top off my excitement, we just entered a brand new year! 2019 is in full affect and I seriously am at a lost for words to how fast 2018 flew by. I barely said hello to it, and it’s already gone (story of my life it seems)

Anyways, I figured I’d launch with giving you all an update from the last time we’ve all caught up. I just wanted to give my readers a mini recap from the last time I updated you all on how I was doing. It feels like it’s been such a long time since you all heard from me. It’s going on a year since I have blogged, written, created content, or even thought about coming up with anything creative, because of how challenging 2018 has been for me. I endured a lot last year, but nothing broke me down more than the death of my dad in February. I still can’t believe that in almost two weeks, it’ll mark a whole year since he’s been gone. The image of me witnessing my dad take his last breath, is still fresh in my mind. I know, it’s a horrible thing for anyone to go through. But to be honest, this process of mourning has been such a blessing in my life. I have grown so much spiritually and mentally in the last past year from this experience, and I can honestly say that this situation has grounded me. Brokenness has really taught me such a valuable and lifelong lesson. And that lesson is “Life is short”

It’s crazy how my life has changed dramatically in one year. I’m not the same insecure, unsure, lost, victim playing, dishonest, people blaming, woman I was that entered 2018. No, I’m more than that. I am whole, complete, valuable, sure, confident, blessed, secure, fair and most important; unapologetic about being myself. I got so fed up with always blaming others for my actions, so I started taking responsibility for how my life was going. 2018 was so hard for me, but I came out a conqueror! Though things were rough, I managed to push through the pain and hurt, and allowed God to really do work in me. I still have some more healing that I have to do and a lot of growing to process through, but I’m definitely whole and complete through Christ.

Wins in 2018

Though 2018 was a rough year, I had a few wins every now and then that sprouted through the bad times. One of my big and proud moments from last year was that I purchased a brand new car! For the longest time (like forever) I’ve been catching uber’s, asking for rides and waiting on others for transportation because I didn’t have a car. I promised myself that once I had a stable job and settled in being okay financially, the first thing I would do was purchase myself a vehicle. I prayed a lot for this and I’m certain that if it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t have been able to buy my car. I was able to drive off the lot in a 2017 Hyundai Accent.

But that wasn’t the only win for me last year. In December, I was able to finally finalize the design and receive the sample of my journals. No big deal right? No, wrong. This has been a 2-3 year process in the making and I seriously thought this wound never happen. From creating the right design, to finding a company, and finding the funds, it was just a whole mess that worked out beautifully. And I can not wait for you all to get them in your hands to start writing, healing and creating.

This is only the beginning, and I’m believing that 2019 is going to be me giving birth to endless opportunities. God has so much in store for my life and He also has so much in store for you also. This is our time to work for what we prayed for, because faith without work is DEAD!

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