One HELL of a Month

Before the month started, I prayed over it, wrote down my goals, scheduled events, blog post and other important things so that it wouldn't be my usual disorganized life. I made sure that everything was set and written down so that I would be on track with the things I had to tackle for the month. I was so certain that May was going to be a breeze, but instead it turned out to be the complete opposite. May Was Hell!

Everything that could go wrong went wrong. My finance, family issues, my health, it just wasn't the organize month I planned for; and I honestly wanted to throw in the towel and say alright devil you win.

  • Rent was due

and I didn't have the money at all! Like not even a dollar for it. The job I had wasn't paying enough for me to even live a normal life but I stayed because I needed income. (SIDE NOTE: Never stay anywhere because of money. If you're not happy, LEAVE) I was grateful for my job yes, but deep down I knew that there was more to my life.  I prayed and prayed, cried, and prayed again for God to make a way for me to get the money for my rent. All that was left to do was wait and see

  • Sad News

hits my family and I am devastated. It was news about something I had been praying for my family to see the victory in but we got the opposite. To hear and see tears in my families eyes was one of the most devastating things for me to bear. I hate seeing anyone I love sad. It hurts me. I felt so helpless. I can't go in too deep about what the news was, but one day I'll share the story; but the wounds and hurt are still fresh.  

  • My Stomach Kept Hurting

and it was hurting for a while, but I ignored it because I thought maybe it was bad gas or something (I'm Haitian, so any stomach pain is gas).  I let it hurt and kept living my life. But one night the pain woke me out of my sleep and lead me straight to the bathroom where I began to throw up. I was concerned for my health and going to the doctor wasn't an option for me being that I didn't have health insurance. And the last thing I needed, was another hospital bill on top of my head

Man I felt so helpless and hopeless. So many questions flooded my mind and it almost drove me crazy! Where was I going to live if I didn't pay my rent? How am I to continue with life bearing such bad news? What if something is really wrong with me, where will I get the money to pay for a Dr's visit? Why was all these bad things happening if I organized and prayed over my month? What did I do wrong?


Last week Tuesday, I asked two of my really good friends to pray for me. Told them what was happening and instantly they placed their hands over me and began to pray fervently as I stood in their arms crying. They prayed over my life, my health, my ministry, my family, my funds and touched on things I didn't even to speak to them about. It was almost as if God was speaking through them to me. "Everything is going to be alright Melissa" they reassured me. They reminded me that "trials are preparations for blessings to come". So i went home that night still not having the money to pay rent and still in pain as well heartache over the sad news. But with that prayer, I began to gain the hope that had left. The morning after (Wednesday) I decided to reach out to a few people that I trusted and told them about my situation. It was kind of like the flood gates of heaven were opened because the money started to pile up in my act as if someone was doing some type of magic trick. (I was shooketh) Because just like that, my rent was paid. My stomach pain subsided slowly but surely days after and even though i was sad about my bad family news, my hope and faith stood strong and I gained peace. And to top it all off, this morning I got a call from a place I went to interview with  and was told to come in at 9AM because I got the job!

No one on this earth can try to convince me that God is not real. 


He turned everything around so quick and fast. I barely had time to blink before it was done. This post is to simply encourage anyone going through any trial, sadness, depression financial issue or whatever storm you're in. Please know that your faith will carry you into places that you yourself never saw. Stay Strong and Don't let the Fight tire you out. God has a plan for your life and nothing and no one will stop it from coming into fruition. The attacks will form, but remember; They Will Not Prosper. 

Love Mel 


If you have a story where you overcame or is currently overcoming a trial.. I'd love to share it on my sight. Contact me on my contact page :)