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 I remember not too long ago, I suffered from severe headaches and as time went on,  the headaches worsen which followed by blurry vision. Thinking nothing of it, I brushed it off with the thought that maybe I needed to change the prescription in my lenses to my glasses. But deep down inside I knew the kind of headaches I was enduring weren't normal . One day while I was praying, I clearly heard the voice of God ask me " Daelle, how far will you trust me?" Finally, no longer ignoring the painful signs, I decided to make an appointment with a doctor and what he told me changed the course of everything. "You have a brain tumor." Those words sounded so unreal that I looked at the doctor in denial and laughed. I didn’t know how to feel, my emotions were all over the place.I was frightened and there were times I found myself laughing at the thought me having a brain tumor. The next few months were difficult being in and out the hospital. I dealt with nausea and I was began losing weight. It was hard for me and I kept my issue a secret. God asked me "How far will you trust me" so I started to time Him, demanding that He had to heal me. You see, I thought everything would work on my timing, that I could control things. But thats not how God operates. I thought, "I’m only in my twenties, what about my dreams? my hopes, my aspirations? What I failed to understand was that all God wanted me to do was have faith that I'd be ok whether he'd heal me or call me to go home. I finally built up the courage to share the news with my family informed my family. We prayed and fast that my  healing was on the way and that everything will be okay. The more we prayed, the more things got worse; the tumor was growing and  doctors started to question if it was now more than just a tumor. I cried out to God "This isn’t real!". But I kept fasting, holding on to the faith and kept declaring that nothing is impossible with God. “I AM HEALED” I said everyday when I looked in the mirror. As confident as I may have sound, to be completely honest, I was afraid and the thought of me dying replayed in my head over and over again. In all that fear, I trusted that God wasn’t done with me and my faith began to grow. In the midst o all the sickness, the bad reports, I knew that everything was going to  get better. Months later, during a regular checkup, my doctor came into the room and the look on his face made my heart skip several beats; he looked confused. "Daelle, it seems like the tumor is gone." I was HEALED. I knew my God would come through for me and He revealed himself in so many ways. He saved me from death and gave me more life. My God did it and I was free from sickness. What I couldn’t do for me, God stepped in and did it. He restores my peace, my faith, my joy and increases my passion to live for Him. I was found in the deepest part of him. When I was weak, He was stronger in me.

Daelle who serves along side me at Trinity Miami continues to live tumor free and continues to live her life with faith and passion.