FullSizeRender-128 My life has changed completely after what I experienced Thursday night. From right then, I knew things would never be the same after I had an amazing encounter with Jesus and God. Thursday night, A friend of mine who is also a prophet and who I hadn't spent time with in over four months asked to go see a movie. That same night, I was released out of class earlier than usual which rarely happens. The movie was great and we had an amazing time. As he walked me back to my car after the movie was over, he grabbed my hands and asked me if I was okay and I informed him that I was fine. He told me that God said that I needed to stop worrying about my family problems and that I was currently enduring a lot of stress and worry in my life. He started to compare me to a balancing scale saying that I was the scale that held both my problems and my family's problems. He said, "if I continue to hold on to other peoples problems, I will never be free and I would never be able to start my own family, that I needed to stop being the provider to my family because that was Gods job." In his words exact, "Jesus said that thing that has been on your mind for the past few weeks, is ok and you can go ahead and talk to your mom about it." Now mind you, for the past month I've been wanting to talk to mom about everything that happened to me as a child up to now and how it has affected my life. There were so many things that I've been wanting to talk to my mother about so I could be set free but I just never built the courage to do it. He told me to stop worrying about what career I will pursue and stop worrying about graduating and paying my bills and that God was handling everything and that I needed to trust in him. Everything that he was saying to me were things that were really troubling me. He asked me "How is your mother? Is she ok?" "Yes, she's ok" I replied. "She worries a lot too" he responded back. He began to describe how she leans on the table and thinks and It gave me the chills because there was no way he could know these things. He asked me if I recently went home and slept in my sisters room and I said "Yes. "There was an angel in the room that night watching over you and your sister" he said. He was telling me things that was currently going on in my life, like how I needed that break I took from work after traveling with friends, how there were two young girls at my job that were hurting and encouraged me to be the light in their lives and even told me about how I desired finding a new job. "Theres no need for a new job, where you are is where God needs you, those girls need you" he said. He began to demonstrate how I sit up on my bed and think and even told me where my bed was located in my room. "Jesus hears you praying for your family every night and he is working on each prayer." he said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I started to really freak out! He told me that my sisters unborn baby was going to be the change in our family and that the baby was sent from God to break the cycle. I started to cry and asked him "How do you know all these things" and he said "God speaks through me and he told me to tell you all of this." He started praying over me and prophesied over my life so I dropped on the ground and cried out! He then looked up to the sky and said "God do you really think she is ready to see that?" He looked down at me and said "look up, your going to see the gates of heaven." I thought to myself, "it's dark outside and the sky is clear, how could that be possible?" but I obeyed and when I looked up, there were clouds everywhere and in the middle of those clouds shined the brightest light that got brighter by the second! As the tears rolled down my cheeks, he told me that when I looked up again I will see Jesus' face in the middle of the light. So I looked up and there He was, Jesus' face looking down at me. I dropped down to the ground and cried even more! I couldn't believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. "Why me? I don't deserve to see my father I'm not perfect." I thought. "Jesus loves you Jameris and He wants you to trust that He will never abandon you. Now look up again and there will be a rainbow in the middle of the light. And there it was, a rainbow in the middle of the light. Everything was so beautiful, Jesus was beautiful, the gates of heaven was beautiful and the rainbow was beautiful. I was shaking and crying and still in shock. I couldn't move so l put my head down and cried instead. But when I looked back up, everything disappeared from the sky. I began to smile and asked "why was I blessed with this amazing gift." He told me that God revealed this to me because he wants me to trust in Him and have faith that He is the person that I needed to give all my worries to. I accepted and I confessed that I would trust in the lord. And in that moment, I felt at peace. But it doesn't end there. As we got closer to the car, two bats flew above our heads. My friend told me that I needed to continue to pray because now the enemy was upset about what I saw. Then the unbelievable happened, we started to get attacked by a group of bats! We hurried up and got in my car and as i turned my key o start the car, it wouldn't turn on. As my friend started to pray the bats dispersed. We both  knew that satan was out and he was mad that I became a firm believer in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. That next morning, I woke up and I was at peace. I told myself that I had to share the good news and I knew that I had to share this testimony with everyone because Jesus is real, heaven is real and satan is out to destroy everyone who chooses to follow our Father. I finally opened up to my mother, spoke to her about what's been on my mind and how much I've been hurting. Thats another testimony that I'll share, but i'll have to save it for another day.

 My faith in God has grown tremendously and all I want to do is live the right way and serve God the best way I can. All I can say is, this experience and encounter with God has truly changed my life for the better. I finally built the courage to speak to my mother about everything and that was only because Jesus Christ made all of that possible for me. This isn't over for me I will continue to speak about this testimony because it was a wonderful and powerful moment in my life that I would have never expected to happened to me.