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A little over a year ago, my life changed.....

I was heading home to get ready for church and I was super excited because we were giving away bags of groceries and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

While, talking to my sorority sister Kendra, I parked my car. We were having a conversation about what my boyfriend should wear for my cousin’s upcoming 50th birthday party.

I asked Kendra, “Would it be okay if Vladimir rolled up his pants? Because my mother and grandma hates when he does it.” At the same time, I got out of my car and two guys hissed at me but I ignored them. Then I went to the back seat of my car to get my book bag; turning my back to the guys. Kendra responded saying, “Sure all the guys do it now. Look at Dwayne Wade’s Instagram page.”

As I proceeded to walk up the staircase, the smell of old garbage instantly hit my face. I did not know what was about to happen to me. I only took four steps and the same two guys pulled out a gun and told me to give them everything.

I screamed so loud. I can hear Kendra saying “Hello, Hello.”

The one guy who had the gun instantly took my phone and turned it off. He was dark skin; he had big bold eyes, wearing dark baggy clothes and was around my height. The other guy without the gun had a sweater covering his face. I was only able to see his eyes and notice that his skin complexion was similar to mine, a light brown color. Who would have thought that one day I would be robbed at gun point at my own home? I was so scared and all I can do was cry as I watched one guy take all my stuff out of my book bag while the other one had a gun to my face making me turn away to face the wall. As tears ran down my face they made me take off my anklet and my purity ring to give to them. Then, they asked for my keys but I did not have it. The guy with the gun began yelling at me and patting me down with his large, dark hands thinking that I was lying about not having my keys. I started to panic and began to help them look because I knew it probably fell when they attacked me. When they finally found my car keys one took them and went to the car while the other one made me get on my knees and face the wall. At this point I was balling my eyes out. The guy with the sweater over his face had the audacity to ask me why I am crying.

I thought that they were going to take my car and allow me to leave but I was told to get up and follow them.  My car was backed up facing the staircase and the trunk was open. That's when they told me to get in the trunk. I started to cry even more because I was getting kidnapped.  The thoughts of not seeing my family and friends anymore, the thought that I was going to get killed and no one would know what happened to me instantly came to my head.

As the two guys pulled off I heard them shout to someone else saying, “Follow me, follow me.” Then one of the guys said, “I plan on going to her bank to take out her money and if she kicks, screams or yells I am going to shoot her.” They turned up the music so I would not hear the rest of the conversation. All I can hear is the base of the music going “boom, boom, and boom.” I began praying and said, “God please forgive me for my sins because if I was to die I wanted to end up in heaven.”

The guys made a few stops and then they came and opened the trunk. The same guy with the gun made me turn away and pointed the gun to my head while asking for my pin number. I gave it him, shouting out “3974”; no money was ever greater than my life. The guys closed the trunk and pulled off again and made another stop, I am guessing which was at the bank. At this point I started to panic asking, “God please cover me with your blood.” All I heard was a voice say, “Don’t be afraid, I am with you.” After hearing His voice, I began to calm down. I changed my prayer and I began praying for the two guys. I started to ask, “God please soften their hearts. Please allow them to realize what they are doing is wrong.

Then they finally made a final stop and opened the trunk of my car. I saw that it was two guys but I quickly turned my head since the same guy pointed the gun at me and told me to turn around. First, thing they asked me was if my AAA card had money and I explained to them that it didn’t. Then the same guy with the gun asked me to take off my pants. Then, he asked me to pull down my underwear. I started to cry because in my head I was about to get raped. The other suspect told him to leave me alone and that they should leave. I felt so disgusted I couldn’t take it anymore but I didn’t lose hope or faith because I just knew they would let me go.

They told me that when they close the trunk I can put my pants back on and wait two minutes and I can leave. Then, they had the nerve to ask me if I wanted the car on or off and if I want the music on or off, I just told them to leave on everything. As, they left, I put back on my pants and I waited four minutes and I got out of the trunk to notice that I was near the park and behind my apartments. I quickly got in my car and drove home to first make sure my grandmother was okay.

Finally, two months after the incident the main guy with the gun was arrested. This whole robbery and kidnapping was not easy. I know it was God who was protecting me like he said he was and allowing me to still be alive to tell this story. I am truly God’s Cover Girl