181445_501585953719_710583719_6183684_1492934_nI was raised to know that God should be first in my life, but as a youth I never really put Him first. Though my parents raised me to know right from wrong, what was wrong always intrigued me. I was always drawn to the streets, to the night life, to the drugs. That life seemed so much more interesting too, or so I thought. So once I started to live on my own, not under my parents supervision, I began to live that life I dreamed about. I was doing drugs, drinking, partying frequently, had multiple sex partners, and was doing whatever I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. Music was always a passion of mine, and my lifestyle showed in my music. I released a song called "DHATT" and it boosted that lifestyle to the 2nd power! My flesh was loving it! A different woman every night, all the drugs I can buy, clubbing and partying with my friends. But the longer I lived that life, the less fulfilled I felt inside. There was a deep void that was growing in my soul. I tried to ignore it but I couldn't. So I started going back to church. Though I wasn't living the life that I should've been living, my mom made sure she taught me where to go when you can't find the answers to life's problems. And I had some serious life problems brewing up at this point in my life. I thought what I wanted would be what I wanted, but it wasn't. I had a thirst for something more and I thought it was the party life, but it wasn't. So I started going to church again in search of some answers. And in that search, I had an encounter with God. One Sunday night, with His presence saturating the room, and tears running down my cheeks, He made it clear to me. What I thirsted for couldn't be fulfilled by no amount of drugs, sex or partying, but can only be fulfilled thru the Living Water Jesus Christ. Since then, my whole perspective on life has changed. I see things with a different heart. I was hurting, lost, and confused, looking for the answers in things that I can see and touch and smoke and drink. I tried to answer a spiritual problem with something physical. And that's how a lot of us are, if not all of us. We are all searching, consciously or subconsciously, for something to completely satisfy us but we look for it in the wrong places. As a cause of this change, my music changed too. I stopped talking about the things that don't ultimately satisfy us, and started talking about the only one thing that can. No matter where you look you'll never find "Nothing Greater" than my Lord.