IMG_20150424_004240-2 This testimony isn't about how I was raised in church or even how I believed in Jesus before I got saved. There were so many times I attended church before God transformed me at the age of 22. As the only child being raised by my single mother, I grew up seeing her go from one abusive relationship to the next. I can remember at the tender age of 6, when I jumped on top of one of my mom's boyfriends while he was brutally beating her. Abusive relationships seemed to be the new normal being that both my mother and aunt battled with horrible men in their lives. As a child,  I was always chubby and always got teased about my weight.  I grew up alone and to myself so I never had any close friends for a long period of time. I began smoking marijuana at the age of 13, and forcefully losing my virginity that same year, trying to find love that I never got from my dad. When I turned 17, I started drinking and partying hoping that it would distract the fact that I hated myself for still being overweight. Just like the women in my life, I found myself in a abusive relationship both physically and mentally.  Even though I had a boyfriend, I felt very alone. Not only was he cheating on me with multiple woman, but my drinking got worse! It seemed like only food and alcohol could mend the pain, the loneliness and hurt I was enduring at the time. I figured that I could eat and drink my turmoil away. I gained so much weight in 2010 that I couldn't recognize myself anymore when I looked in the mirror. Suicide thoughts haunted me, wanting to take a trip somewhere to kill myself so that my mom wouldn't have to be the one to find me dead at home. On New Years Eve of 2011, my cousins and I decided to attend church then hit the party scene after service. But to my surprise God had other plans! Because we were late to service, I never got to hear the message but got there just in time for the alter call and I began to sob and weep. I wanted to change my life so I prayed the prayer of salvation. I went home that night and prayed, asking God to transform me, to rid me from my addiction to alcohol and food. And that He did. I joined a church and learned how to fast, pray and exercise. 3 months later, my mother and aunt both got baptized after me. I was thriving and even served as a youth leader at my church. But God still had other plans. I went through a lot of opposition there and I began to backslide. I found myself back in the world and started drinking again. It got so bad to the point where I was going to bars by myself! Drinking until I blacked out, waking up on the floor, not knowing how I got home, surprised I never got a DUI or got into a car accident. August of 2014 I grew tired of drinking and I knew I needed help so I signed up to go to an AA meeting. But the day I was suppose to start, I passed by Trinity Church and decided to attend church instead. Immediately the tears began to flow from my eyes and just like before I gave my life back to Christ but this time was different. My desire for alcohol was no longer the center of my life and God tok away the urge for it right away! I never looked back since and I now serve Him fully being not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.