You’ve made it to the page full of stories, transparency, vulnerability, tears, pain and rawness. So grab your coffee or smoothie, and even a box of tissues (because you might need it) and really press in as you read through these different traumas and victories. You just might find someone you can relate to. So don’t be afraid to comment and encourage the people you read about. Let’s take a trip through Story Tuesday.


There were many moments in my life where I literally cried out to God, "Where are you?!" as if the teacher is never quiet during the test. It was four years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a regular work day, after over a year of weekly meetings of how the company was doing, and assurance that we were in a good place financially, our whole team was being called to Human Resources one by one. I can vividly recall each person coming out either crying, or with a look of despair and hopelessness in their eyes.

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Being completely honest and transparent, I have been in a place of being stagnant and feeling complacent. Most days I have become so overwhelmed with everything in my life from goals I set to accomplish this year, to making sure my relationship with God is on point, to saving more and eating healthier, and to making sure I'm being intentional about the people and things in my life.

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It all started when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be apart of her and another friends prayer challenge back in January. Now this is going to sound kind of weird but, It was a 30 day prayer challenge for your future husband. Everyday we would pray for our spouse. When she first asked me, I turned down the opportunity so quick because I came to a point of my life that I wanted to be single for the rest of my life. After all the hell I had been through in relationships, I just knew that God had called me to a life of singleness. Click HERE to read more


 You never know what someone is going through. We may assume, we may think we know but its always the last thing we think about that seems to be an issue. Watch as Chris Carlo shares his near death experience where him and the grave almost kissed on the lips. Click HERE to watch

— mellie king


Depression is real and I know different people struggle with it behind closed doors.  My prayer is that someone dealing with such a deadly disease see’s this video and finds hope in the fact that nothing last forever, and that includes depression. Watch all about how Dani overcame her state of depression. Click HERE to watch


It's hard to discuss something that still has an effect on you. Grace and forgiveness is such a difficult concept to grasp because it's undeserving, it’s ultimate, and it’s divine favor. It's an experience worth witnessing but can easily become a heavy burden if it’s dealt with in the wrong way.

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God has a sense of humor. We never quite understand the journey he's bringing us through until we've officially arrived at the destination. I'm learning one must trust the process regardless of the drought or the haze ahead.

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My father was an alcoholic and an abusive husband and father, and although I had everything growing up, I always wanted to hear him say "I love you". I wanted to feel loved, I wanted to feel safe and secure, but he could never deliver.

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Always noticing a bottle of alcohol on the coffee table half full, allowed me to put two and two together that he'd been drinking again. I'll never forget a night when my mom came home from work and before she could even sit to rest her feet, my dad began to physically, emotionally and mentally abuse her out the house.

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Now, we weren’t poor, but my mother always struggled to manage the money. Even in her difficulty to get her finances together, she was always lending out a helping hand to the people around her, putting their needs before her very own. I’m honestly convinced that my mom’s generous heart is the reason why we have encountered so many miracles in our lives. My past isn’t pretty, but it’s why I’m here. So I hope you’re ready for the ride, here’s my story

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I was raised to know that God should be first in my life, but as a youth I never really put Him first. Though my parents raised me to know right from wrong, what was wrong always intrigued me.

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People might perceive me to be a total stuck up B*^#? who thinks she is better than everyone else, but what people fail to realize is that there is more to me that meets the eye. So now it's time for y'all to hear about my dirty laundry

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Sometimes the hardest part of sharing our story is sharing the details of our dirty laundry. Why? Because it stinks! I am so glad that I TRULY know Jesus Christ because now I can unapologetically share my testimony without guilt or condemnation. So here it goes!

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As I proceeded to walk up the staircase, the smell of old garbage instantly hit my face. I did not know what was about to happen to me. I only took four steps and the same two guys pulled out a gun and told me to give them everything.

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I believe we’re sold a false image of what adulthood really is before we even reach our adult lives. Granted, we won’t know much at sixteen and seventeen years old, but we’re kind of sold a façade. The ‘you must go to college to get ahead in life, make a lot of money, and be successful’ mantra that we’ve all endured. 

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What about my life do I think is important to share? I thought about this long and hard overnight, and the next morning it hit me: Strength. As a child, I was never the prettiest in the bunch. In fact, at the age of thirteen I was taller and bigger than most of my friends. I had braces and glasses. Both. I repeat, both! By the age of sixteen, I was in high school and during those four years I plunged in weight. 

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It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re going through, when God tells you to be strong and take courage, prepare for the ride of your life and a victorious outcome! Come and here how Shama endured one of the most difficult times of her life.

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Being in a relationship is hard, especially one that was never intended for you to be in the first place. If you’re reading this and you’re an abusive relationship, please get out of it before its too late. Hear how Kay finally walked away.

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I will always have flaws, and of course this is nothing new to me, but for the very first time, I can say I clearly understand what it really means. 

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At the age of 21, I already knew more about alcohol and drinking than a compilation of individuals at an AA meeting. If the week would have 8 days, I would have drunk all 8 days. Waking up with a hangover went from being constant to something that I was used to, it was part of my life.


I grew up with a lot of resentment towards people, but one in particular, and to protect the identity of this person, I’ve decided to keep their name anonymous. So we’ll call this person, “Betty Boo.”

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1 Corinthians 13:11 is not just a simple verse in the Bible for me, instead, it DEFINES my life 100%. This past year alone is a full-blown testimony/story itself, but let's back track a little. Worryfeardepression & lost are some of the words that has haunted me for years.

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Hi, my name is Yari, and I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in North Miami and come from a dominican background. I was raised in a home with both parents present with my two brothers. Being the only girl in the house, I was treated differently of course and was over protected by my father and brothers that also spoiled me a little more.

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I was born into an incredible family. My dad has been very successful since I can remember, and my mom was always been the rock who’s love and strength have held me. The truth is, that no matter how perfect a life looks from the outside, or how good or bad your parents may be, fulfillment, wholeness, and security doesn't come from any of that. Here is my story

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*Phone Rings*


"Hey Eileen, did you hear what happened to Reginald?"

"No, what?"

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For 10 years, I was being sexually abused by my stepfather. He had been in my life since I was 3 years old & from what I can remember, the abuse started at the tender age of 9.

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My life has changed completely after what I experienced Thursday night. From right then, I knew things would never be the same after I had an amazing encounter with Jesus and God.

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This testimony isn't about how I was raised in church or even how I believed in Jesus before I got saved. There were so many times I attended church before God transformed me at the age of 22. As the only child being raised by my single mother, I grew up seeing her go from one abusive relationship to the next.

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"From WINNING BALL GAMES to WINNING THE LOST I risked it all and won BIG on God's team."

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I remember not too long ago, I suffered from severe headaches and as time went on,  the headaches worsen which followed by blurry vision. Thinking nothing of it, I brushed it off with the thought that maybe I needed to change the prescription in my lenses to my glasses.

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It was a bright sunny Thursday evening. I had just come from a great shopping spree with my little sister. I was in a worship mode as the music blasted through my radios waiting at a red light on the road. Everything was going great and peaceful until my upper body jerked forward and my little sister screamed, "oh my gosh!"

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