FullSizeRender-73It was a bright sunny Thursday evening. I had just come from a great shopping spree with my little sister. I was in a worship mode as the music blasted through my radios waiting at a red light on the road. Everything was going great and peaceful until my upper body jerked forward and my little sister screamed, "oh my gosh!" As everything begin to process in my mind, I realized that my car was hit pretty hard by another car. Luckily we had our seat belts on. I grabbed my phone to call the cops and realized that my battery was on 2%. I let the 911 operators know that I was in an accident and that my phone was dying, but I was transferred each time, until my phone eventually died the third time. For some reason I didn't panic and started to look for a charger, I didn't find a charger, but I found a phone which had battery and quickly called the cops from there. I was able to give them every info which was needed at the moment. After I called the cops I realized that I didn't have any car registration paper or insurance card in my car because I left it at my job. Yet, I still didn't panic. I made my sister go to advance auto parts to call my mother. In the car I found an expired car registration and my mom had a payment receipt print out with the insurance policy number and ending term. After getting those together, I stepped out of my car and realized that the car behind me was totally wrecked. The hood of the owner's car was lifted, his lights were damaged, I mean his car has a lot of work that needs to be done. Than I looked at my car and all I saw was a little scratch and a few dents. The cops arrived two hours later and I walked out without any tickets, no serious injuries and just a few scratches on my car !!!For every obstacle which was in my way, God glory was shown and it is Him alone who delivered me from any thing that was meant to bring me down.